Staying Connected Classes

We provide ongoing support groups and educational classes, such as Staying Connected, which provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for individuals diagnosed with a dementia related diseases. Support groups for care partners are also held monthly.

What is Staying Connected?

  • A weekly program for people with early memory loss concerns

How much does Staying Connected cost?

  • $15 per class

Locations and Times

  • Bellingham Tuesday
    11:00am to 2:00pm – Every Tuesday
    ASW Office - 1308 Meador Avenue, Suite C-1
    Contact: Beverly Brownrigg (360) 671-3316
  • Bellingham Wednesday
    11:00am to 2:00pm – Every Wednesday
    ASW Office - 1308 Meador Avenue, Suite C-1
    Contact: Leslie Jackson (360) 671-3316

Some Staying Connected History

  • The citizens of Whatcom County have benefited from the Alzheimer Society of Washington’s Lynden, Bellingham and Blaine Staying Connected classes in numerous ways. The program creates a safe and comfortable environment for the participants to receive cognitive, physical, and social interaction with others. A benefit to this group is that, the participants are either currently experiencing the same things, have previously experienced them or are just able to listen to each other’s experiences. Henrietta Polinder, a participant in our Lynden Staying Connected Group stated, “The most important thing to me is the opportunity to be with others in my situation and having the opportunity to learn from them and giving them the opportunity to learn from me as well.” Who all benefits?
  • Not only the individual experiencing early memory loss will benefit in many ways from this support group, but it is also great for the care partners for those in attendance have also benefitted since the class provides a safe and educational environment for their loved ones to attend each week. What will you do?
  • The participants of the class will learn many different coping skills and more effective ways to deal with being diagnosed with a dementia related disease. Please join us for discussions, exercise, fun, new friends, speakers, music and so much more!

You may call the Alzheimer Society for more information at (360) 671-3316.

Staying Connected Walk Group Fall 2013