Educational Conferences & Workshops

Alzheimer Society of Washington offers both conferences and workshops that are intended for care partners and those who serve people affected by dementia related

Alzheimer’s, and other dementia related diseases, can alter the way we connect with those in our community. Rather than isolation, there is hope. Learning about and accessing the resources, services, and support in our community can strengthen our circle of care. Organizations and individuals can learn more effective ways to connect with people experiencing the stages of dementia related diseases. It is critical that each individual affected, including care partners, understand they are not alone in one of the most challenging of life’s journeys.

Our goal for both the workshops and conferences is to help our participants provide engagement opportunities that foster physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual well-being of everyone involved. Each conference or workshop has specific objectives that they are built around from, categories of activities and engagement for a human being and the value of each when someone has dementia or is caring for someone with dementia, to providing knowledge of progression of the disease and typical behaviors to identify and develop appropriate and effective programming and care for each person involved.

  • See our Calendar of Events for dates and locations of our next workshop
  • Continuing education credits are available for healthcare professionals