2014 Memorials, Donations, and Sponsors

Donor In Memory of
Cathy Thorne Raymond Tannenbaum
Josselyn Winslow Maury Schwartz
L.J. Pederson Vincent Moriarty
L.J. Pederson Travis Holst
L.J. Pederson Gene Mann
Esther Pierson Charlene MiClean
Patricia Hood Gene Emmons
Vera Arvish Thelma Pfankuch
Sharlene Kolb Thelma Pfankuch
Shirley Emmons Gene Emmons
Irma Gulick Gene Emmons
Grace S. Bruseth
Ida DeVille
Joan Rothausen Jack Brownrigg
Kathleen Strickland Jack Brownrigg
Frank and Josselyn Winslow Lola "Dolly" Coleman
Frank and Josselyn Winslow Jack Brownrigg
Robert and Doris Goetz Jack Brownrigg
Bill and Fran Davis Jack Brownrigg
Al and Billey Force Jack Brownrigg
Sharon Strickler Jack Brownrigg
Vivian Roberts Jack Brownrigg
Carolyn Smith Jack Brownrigg
Wallace Rightmire Jack Brownrigg
Frank Muljat Jr. Jack Brownrigg
Chandra Jansen Jack Brownrigg
Kelvin and Barbara Smith Barbara Smith
Dawn Hill Bud Hughes
Gary and Eileen Hurn Bud Hughes
Dean and Marlene Edmundson Bud Hughes
Darrell and Lois Luke Bud Hughes
Richard Prieve Bud Hughes
Varya Fish Bud Hughes
M.E. Messmer Margene Merrow
Carleen Elliott Margene Merrow
Kate and Richard Johnson Margene Merrow
Patricia Cremin Margene Merrow
Ken and Jenni Morrison Margene Merrow
Frank and Josselyn Winslow Margene Merrow
Chip and Colleen Merrow Margene Merrow
Sharon Strickler Bud Hughes
Batelle Margene Merrow
James and Linda Melvin Julia C. Van Halm
Varya Fish Mildred Cipolla
Mark Lindenbaum Mildred Cipolla
Robert and Arlene Crozier Theresa Penman
Rev Peter and Janet Borgdorff Julia C. Van Halm
Dr. William and Donna Coleman MIldred Cipolla
Mark and Jan Gilkey Margene Merrow
Karl Kutnerian M.D. Julia Van Halm
Lawrence and Susan Lee Mildred Cipolla
Sharon Strickler David Strickler
Gordon and Dorothy Benner Ted Butler
Eveline Van Halm Julia Van Halm
Wallace Rightmire Julia Van Halm
Gertie Wark Julia Van Halm
Deanne and Raymond Lunde Rae Marlene Bowen
The Dimmer Family Foundation Julia Van Halm
Phillip Yamamoto Agnes Humphrey
Susan Weldon Bernice Koerper
Susan Weldon Lloyd Weldon
Janet Cray Joseph Matuska
Mona Anderson Walter deFisser
Frank and Josselyn Winslow Mildred Cipolla
Joel and Ann Wark Julie Van Halm
Clair and Ann Hibbs Julie Van Halm
Onti and Morris Rosen Julie Van Halm
Lois Petersen Bickford Sylvester
Shannon and Thomas Grina Margene Merrow
Leslie and Brad Jackson Bill Nichols
Price and Phyllis Hale Marcey Huseby
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Bill Nichols
Marci and Todd Nicholson Lora O. Simpson
Bruce and Edna Philbrick Betty Curtin
Dolores and Darrell Tawes Elta Rogers
Denis and Ruth Hayner Tom Magliozzi
Honor Gifts
Russell Thomas Oliver
Jean and Gary Weinard 
Greg and Kathy Rice
City of Seattle
Emily and Jerald Hughes
Frank and Lorelei Chambers
Marilyn J Strode
Brent Thorne
Susan L. Watjen
Cheryl Scheele
Wendy McGee
Jeanne Ervin
Peter Neal
Leslie and Brad Jackson
S. Grace Bruseth
Amy Wolsdorf
Linda Knapp
Jean Webster
Glenda McLachlan
Christine Vanderwoude
Madaleine Lippert
Denis and Ruth Hayner
Shirlee Dickerson
Farrel and Louise Balonick
Thoeum Thaiy
John Malloy
John Merrill
Linda Martinson
Leola Adams
Bertha Stuurmans
Mueller, Mary
Deborah Fouts
Jerry and Kathryn Curtis
Kristina and William Driscoll
Lynn and Carolyn Bartunek
Margaret Gardner
Melinda Lunsford
P.E. Lamb
Patricia Holmes
Steve and Chris Monroe
Iris B. Christie
Frank and Claudia Frazee
William and Mary Lynn Palmer
Charlot & Roger Mills
Dolores Nicholas
Hilde Heimhilger
Ted Vander Mey
Linda and John Watkins
Barry Meyers



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